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5 Rituals to Set Your Day Up For Success


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A new normal will undoubtedly see us staying at home more than before. The rituals of getting dressed, thinking about the kind of sushi we will have for lunch, and our after-work or weekend rendezvous can often leave us feeling somewhat ‘unstructured’. With this in mind, it’s important to start our day in the right way to ensure it’s effective and exciting. Here, psychologist Mamta Saha shares her top rituals for starting your day off right.

. When you lay your feet on the ground start your day with a promise to yourself. A promise of self-love and self-care. Be specific, it might be that you stop for a well -deserved biscuit and cup of your favorite herbal tea on your balcony at 11 am, a virtual chat with friends or family, a face mask, or indulging in your favorite book or series when the sun goes down.

. Dip your toes in some transformative Tappilini meditation. This daily ritual will fill you up with the confidence and clarity that you will need to feel good, give your video conference meetings your best ever, and will be your ‘go-to’ mind detox every single day.

. Reach for your bag of daily affirmations for inner peace and see what pops out at you. Whatever it is will give you that precision focus on keeping your vibrations high and solutions focused.  Be on you’re A-game, even in your home office.

. Shower first thing to invigorate your senses and wake you up. To maintain that freshness sip cucumber and mint infused water throughout the day to give you a sense of tranquility, inside and out.

. Wear your favorite perfume and feel a sense of panache. Life is ‘now’ so why save your best scents for a long-awaited night out somewhere in the distant future? The psychological gain of applying perfume can make us feel very special. It activates a ‘feel-good’ factor in our minds and leaves us feeling like we’ve invested in ourselves a little.

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