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It’s Decided: These Are the 3 Ways to Detox

Wild & the Moon

Juices from Wild & the Moon. Courtesy of Wild & the Moon.

It’s all too easy to overindulge come the long weekend. With the party season complete, why not take a break and make some time for a detox? Cleansing the body of toxins and focusing in on your health and wellbeing, will offer extra energy and vitality in the long run. Whether you have a few hours or the whole three days, there’s an option for everybody.

The Massage

The Palace Downtown

The Spa at The Palace in Downtown Dubai. Courtesy of The Palace Downtown.

What better way to detox than indulge in 150 minutes’ worth of pampering? Beginning with a salt scrub sourced from the Dead Sea, the skin is polished and left feeling silky smooth. Working with hot stones to encourage lymphatic drainage, toxins are massaged out of the body by your knowledgeable therapist. Fresh seaweed which has been sourced from the depths of the Atlantic, is then carefully wrapped around the body. Working again to bring toxins to the surface, the wrap also aids in improving skin elasticity, regeneration, reducing cellulite and improving body contouring. During the wrap, your knowledgeable therapist applies hand and foot masks before beginning a pro-youth facial. Also incorporating oceanic vitamins and minerals, results are instant meaning you leave the luxurious setting of the spa with an even more luxurious glow.

Available at The Spa at The Palace Downtown US 405 or AED/SAR 1,500 for 150 minute

The Juice Detox

Wild & the Moon

A cold-pressed juice from Wild & the Moon. Courtesy of Wild & the Moon.

No deadlines and no work commitments mean it’s the perfect time to try out a juice detox. Choosing between a three and five day cleanse, then deciphering whether you’re a beginner or experienced (even if you’ve done it once or twice the first option may be best) the plan involves five cold-pressed raw juices and one vitality shot for both. Comprising of fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients the juices themselves are delicious and offer all the nutrition your body requires. Followed correctly the cleanse aims to re-energize your body and offers a boost of vitality. Created by expert nutritionists, the cleanse can reinforce your immune system, help your digestive and circulatory systems, boost weight loss and purify the epidermis meaning more beautiful nails, skin and hair. Everybody is different with some finding the first day easy and the third the most difficult or vice versa, but by the end, an added burst of energy to your daily routine makes it all the worthwhile.

Available at Wild and The Moon starting at US 202 or AED/SAR 745 for a three day ‘The Essential’ beginners cleanse.

The Treatment

The Elixir Clinic

A treatment room at The Elixir Clinic. Courtesy of The Elixir Clinic

Not just reserved for Hollywood, intravenous therapy is one of the quickest ways to feel rejuvenated. Efficient and safe, The Elixir Clinic offers a whole range of IV vitamin infusions known as VitaDrips partnered with intramuscular injections to boot. Beginning the process with a quick checkup, you meet a trained physician, who prescribes you the best combination of treatments. Those afraid of needles need fear not, as the medical specialists are the best in the business. Putting clients at ease, the whole process is seamless with the drip lasting 30 to 60 minutes depending on the client. With 100% of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids absorbed by the body, in comparison to the less than 10% when taking a pill, the process is highly effective with results being felt immediately. With an at home service also available there’s no excuse not to be on your A game.

Available at The Elixir Clinics with an Antioxidant VitaDrip starting at US $405 or AED/SAR 1,500 and an Antioxidant Intramuscular Injection starting at US $68 or AED/SAR 250

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