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10 Minutes with Helen Bannayan the Founder of Emulsion Cosmetics

Emulsion Cosmetics

Courtesy of Emulsion Cosmetics

It’s no secret that the beauty market is flooded with new launches and products. Spotting a niche in the market Helen Bannayan launched Emulsion Cosmetics, where you design your own products that are versatile and customizable. Here the Jordan native shares her daily routine, some of her favorite things and what inspires her.

My Morning Ritual

My beauty routine in the morning is simple and straight to the point. I believe in simple products that pack a punch. I start off by washing my face with Emulsions lightly foaming face wash with the wake up happy add on. I then swab some emulsion micellar water over my face to tone it and get that dewy squeaky-clean feeling. In the morning I like to use our aqueous serum rather than the oil serum because it’s lighter and makes my skin feel plump and hydrated. Then I apply my face cream. What I blend with my products, depends on what my skin needs that day, I usually go for Secret Weapon which helps with boosting and anti-aging but when my skin is on the drier side I like to go with Green Giant. I gently dab some of our eye cream around my eyes to hydrate and reduce dark circles.

The last and most important step in my routine is SPF, I never leave home without it. I slather on SPF 50 sunscreen all over my face, neck, and ears to prevent sun damage and keep my skin looking youthful.  As for my body, I apply some Emulsion dry oil base, I find that it’s super hydrating but also very light and leaves no streaks. It soaks into the skin beautifully and gives me radiant arms and legs.

As for my breakfast, I like to go for nutritious superfoods like oatmeal with yogurt and dates, which powers me up and keeps me running all day.

And Evening…

My evening routine is mostly about winding down and preparing myself for a good night’s sleep. I start off by washing and toning as I do in the mornings. At night I like to use our oil serum because it offers deep nourishment and hydration which I blend with our All-nighter add on that isn’t only hydrating and nourishing but is also soothing.

My favorite part of my nighttime routine is my shower. I love blending my shower gel with our fragrance add ons. We have nine variants and I enjoy trying a different one every time.

What I’m Reading

I love reading success stories of other women. I am currently enjoying The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

Who Inspires Me

My biggest inspiration has always been Oprah. She has built an empire and has touched the lives of so many people around the world and she has done it all with elegance and grace.

What I Do To Relax

Yoga! I always feel super mellow after a good session of yoga. I always travel with my yoga mat so that I can fit in a session wherever I am.

My Favorite Country To Visit

My favorite country to visit has to be Italy. I love Italian food, Italian people, Italian brands and everything about it.

I Can’t Live Without…

My friends and family, they keep me motivated and happy. I also cannot live without the gym. It keeps me feeling young and healthy and stress-free.

What I Always Carry In My Handbag 

Mobile phone, hand sanitizer, and hand cream, sunglasses, a pack of tissues, and of course my wallet which is full of pictures of my children. All the essentials.

What I’m Listening To

I love listening to meditation podcasts, they help me remain mindful and focused.

How I Unwind

I love unwinding with a good cup of mint tea and my favorite series, which is currently Victoria.

Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep

The last thing I do before going to bed is my shower; this helps me wind down and distress. I listen to my meditation podcasts,  and do a quick scroll on social media; I then review my schedule for the next day and hit the bed. I don’t like checking my emails before bed, my sleep time is sacred and is separate from work.

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