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Luca Turin's perfume critic, Dr. Luca Turin, wrote the world's first perfume guide in 1992. Parfums Le guide, a collection of perfume reviews, went on to become a cult classic. Luca Turin has since co-written Perfumes: The A-Z Guide with Tania Sanchez, a book collecting over 1,800 reviews; Luca is also the subject of Chandler Burr's novel, The Emperor of Scent: A True Story of Perfume and Obsession. One of the world's most revered perfume critics, Luca Turin is the winner of two Prix Jasmin, the highest honor for perfume writing in France. The reviews from Luca Turin's bi-monthly column, Message in a Bottle, will be featured in Luca Turin's and Tania Sanchez' forthcoming book of fragrance reviews.

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