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The Truth Behind Bella Hadid’s Trip at the Givenchy Show

A video posted by Caterina Minthe (@catminthe) on

Following the Givenchy Fall 2016 ready-to-wear show during Paris Fashion Week,’s Managing Editor, Caterina Minthe, uploaded a video on her Instagram featuring the finale. That video soon got picked up by Cosmopolitan Australia, Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, M2women, and Nylon and the rumor mill ran wild with speculations surfacing regarding the contents of the video. The 15-second clip features Bella Hadid, followed by American model Ondria Hardin, and finally Italian model Mariacarla Boscono, walking behind shaking her head and rolling her eyes with aggravation.

On social media, some accused Hardin of trying to trip Bella Hadid. Meanwhile, others assumed that Boscono was only trying to prevent the situation from happening and commented, “Omg Mariacarla to the rescue,” and, “Look at this video. Looks like Mariacarla stops Ondria step [sic] on Bella.”

OK, so here’s what really happened…

Throughout the show, models clad in Egyptian iconography did their best to maneuver a complicated catwalk that was constructed to mimic a wooden labyrinth resembling the interior of an Egyptian pyramid—though several were spotted not hitting their marks. Some were turning left, when they were supposed to turn right, or go straight, and this triggered frustration from the start among the models.

Cue the finale, where in a single file, the models snaked one last time through the zigzag structure that constricted the audience’s view. There was no telling if the models would actually wind through the entire labyrinth, or not. Assuming the show was over, Kris Jenner and Kanye West—who were sitting but a few meters from our Managing Editor—got up to rush to congratulate Givenchy’s creative director, Riccardo Tisci. Naturally, everyone else also got up and gravitated towards Jenner and West. After what felt like a solid minute or two, someone started yelling, “Move!”

“Suddenly, the crowd parted like the Red Sea and models strode past,” recounted Minthe. “It was utter chaos. Everyone was already standing, chatting with each other, and walking out, when suddenly, there were models trying to get past us and get backstage.” Minthe explained further, “Before I started filming the finale, I noticed that the floor was already strewn with invitations and was considerably unsafe.”

Minthe informs that Hadid had no idea what was happening behind her. “No one tried to trip Bella Hadid. As for Ondria Hardin, she looked down to avoid tripping on something herself,” commented Minthe. Meanwhile, showcasing her Italian spirit, the respected model and Givenchy muse Mariacarla Boscono, motioned to Hardin to keep walking as they were almost out. “These are professionals, and while it’s typical of followers to speculate (and assume the worst), journalists should not pit models against each other in such a fashion—especially on International Women’s Day,” stated Minthe (who added that none of the titles that ran the video reached out to her for factual confirmation).

Indeed, let’s elevate, not denigrate—and all hope that next season’s Givenchy catwalk is a little easier on the models. In the meantime, we’re sure Kanye West will be happy to take the blame.

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