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Vogue is Finally Coming to the Middle East — Here’s What You Need to Know


Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Arabia (American Vogue, Photographed by Kevin Tachman)

Today, Condé Nast International and Nervora (the publisher of announced a partnership to launch Vogue Arabia. The story broke on the Financial Times, followed by Business of Fashion, and the full press release can be read here.

Nearly four years ago, Nervora embarked on a mission to change the fashion landscape in the Middle East with That mission continues — and grows markedly — with Vogue, the world’s pre-eminent fashion publication. will relaunch as Vogue Arabia this fall, a historic digital-first launch for the Vogue brand. Our depth of coverage will grow, and the perspective and authority we bring will continue to expand in parallel. Our flagship industry endowment, the Fashion Prize, will relaunch as the DDFC/Vogue Fashion Prize.

The long-awaited (and oft-rumored) launch of Vogue Arabia represents a turning point in the evolution of the Middle East’s fashion industry. Incidentally, 2017 marks the 125th anniversary of Vogue — and it seems fitting that it will also mark the launch of Vogue Arabia in print. Vogue Arabia will be the 22nd edition of Vogue around the world.

We are also announcing the senior leadership team that will be leading the launch of Vogue Arabia across digital and print. The inimitable Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief. Her influence, vision, and encyclopedic fashion knowledge will shape Vogue Arabia’s editorial and set the tone for the publication’s perspective and cultural footprint for years to come. Long-standing industry veteran Daniela Agnelli, whose flair for extraordinary fashion spreads is widely heralded, has been appointed as Fashion Director. And’s Managing Editor, Caterina Minthe, who has emerged as the region’s finest fashion journalist, has been appointed as Features Director.

Over the past few years, the Middle East’s fashion industry has undergone a staggering amount of development, and no doubt the coming years will witness even more change. Against this backdrop, the launch of Vogue Arabia empowers us all, and we look forward to sharing this thrilling and historic adventure with you.

We’ll share more news in the months ahead — stay tuned.


Shashi Menon
CEO, Nervora

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