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Tom Ford, Makeup Master

He is the master of color, playing with hues and even trying them on his own skin in order to create his unique makeup collections. This month, Tom Ford presents two exceptional looks for Fall 2012 that explore the versatility of color. In his own words he informs us that “this collection lets a woman express her romantic, ingénue side, or her temptress, femme fatale side, with a kind of indulgent, forbidden pleasure. These colors have a twist of the perverse to them.”

The ingénue look takes its inspiration from the colors of roses, wine, and fur. Shades of lavender and soft pink wash over the eyelids and then a ruby liner is used for definition. Cheeks are a bold fuchsia and lips are lacquered with a violet pink gloss. Finally nails are decorated with a mink brown hue.

The temptress look is brought to life with jewel tones and rich fruit shades. Eyes are adorned with sparkling sapphire teal and lips are tainted a luxurious magenta. Flushed cheeks are accented with a hot pink blush whilst nails are gilded in a deep damson-purple.

The names of the colors express the philosophy behind the collection to perfection. Try the Cheek Color in Narcissist or the Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Naïveté. Good girl or bad girl? Let the makeup be your guide…

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