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Tom Ford Was Not the Only Boy’s Name on Everyone’s Lips at This Party

Do you prefer Justin, Orlando, Blake, Stavros, or Omar? These and 45 other boys’ names were on everyone’s lips at the Tom Ford Lips & Boys launch event last week.

To add to his revered line of existing lipsticks, Tom Ford has just released a collection of miniature lip paints called Lips & Boys. Whether your go-to shade is pop pink, magenta, metallic, nude, brown, red, plum, violet, silver, or black, there’s sure to be a lipstick to suit your taste. The best part is that these are dolly-sized lipsticks (still in the signature black and gold enamel casings), which have been designed to fit into any minaudière—so there’s absolutely no excuse to leave your lip color at home.

With each of the 50 lipstick shades boasting a boy’s name, you can choose your favorite hue with an amusing twist.

Guests were treated to lipstick-lined walls in a swanky private room at Clé restaurant in DIFC. Armed with their favorite lipsticks, party goers took a turn at the photo booth to strike a pose alongside the Tom Ford models.

The Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection is available across the Tom Ford beauty counters in the Middle East.

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