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“Third Piece” Rule Styling Tips to Elevate Your Outfit Every Time


Ever wonder how some celebrities manage to look on point even when they’re not on the red carpet? Or how street style stars have an effortless sartorial flair? It’s the “Third Piece” rule that works its magic to complete a look. The simple trick involves adding a third piece to your outfit that pulls everything together. For example, did you ever put on a button-down shirt and a pair of jeans only to feel like something was missing? By adding a third piece to the equation in the form of an accessory, an extra layer like a sweater, or an outerwear piece such as an abaya, you can add an interesting element to round off your outfit. The “Third Piece” rule is fashion’s version of the “rule of thirds” principle, which is a concept that artists and photographers use to compose a visually proportioned image. Therefore, by keeping in mind the “Third Piece” styling rule, you are guaranteed to put together a cohesive look every time. Read on to learn how street style heavyweights apply these “Third Rule” styling tips to their looks.


Here, the third piece is a leather vest, layered over a plaid shirt and dress.


A vibrant color can also act as the third element.


Sometimes, two outwear pieces are better than one. Here, the midi dress is styled with a long coat over a fur capelet.


Don’t underestimate the power of a statement belt and a coat draped over the shoulders.


Take a page out of Susie Bubble’s style book by layering a tulle dress over a graphic T-shirt and distressed jeans.


Feeling adventurous? Go beyond three and amp up the equation to include six pieces, as seen here and featuring denim pants, a button-down shirt, a sweater, a blazer, a belt, and a scarf.

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