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Avoid Prickly Heat Rash with These Gentle Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

A few summers ago, a traumatic incident at the beach left me never wanting to apply SPF again. Halfway through my tanning session, my face began to itch profusely. By the time I reached home, my irritated dermis had manifested into a constellation of unsightly red welts. I discovered that the painful reaction was a result of Prickly Heat Rash—an allergy caused by the water-resistant SPF I’d slathered onto my sensitive skin hours earlier.

Ultimately, the waterproof sunscreen had prevented my skin’s natural perspiration flow, resulting in a heat rash. Children and adults with sensitive skin are the most prone to sunscreen heat rash allergies, and waterproof sunscreens are not the only culprits. Sunscreens formulated with fragrances, gels, and oils can also block sweat glands and leave one with sore skin.

Rather than swearing off SPF products forever (they are very important), I now opt for sunscreens that allow my skin to breathe while providing intense UV protection. Featuring products that are fragrance-free, mineral-based, and non-comedogenic, this edit of five gentle sunscreens for sensitive skin won’t leave you red-faced.

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