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Style on the Street: Farah Nasri


International fashion weeks are kind of like the ultimate style Olympics, with the gathering of the most elegant, creative, out-there, trendy, and fresh-off-the-runway looks, but real style is not whether you can sport the latest cool designer’s “total look”—it’s whether or not you are able to give your personal daywear a spin. Our resident street style photographer, Moez Achour, takes to the streets to look for the most stylish people from across the Middle East.

Today, we caught up with the talented jewelry designer, Farah Nasri of Hooked | HKD—a brand that focuses on creating organic shapes with 3D printing. What we love about Nasri is that she makes a point of always being impeccably dressed, no matter the occasion. Her style can be described as edgy, futuristic, and chic—yes, all three.

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