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Exclusive: Stella McCartney’s New It Girl Is a Tokyo Street-Style Star

For the fourth edition of its One City, One Girl campaign, Stella McCartney is heading to Tokyo with DJ and singer Mademoiselle Yulia. The Japanese It girl is not only renowned for her unmatched street style but also for her ability to get the party started, whether it’s at an M.I.A. concert or a private event. The brand followed Yulia around Tokyo for a day for a look at the city’s architecture, shopping, and scenery. Yulia also reveals her past as a punk band member and that her current favorite tracks include “Breakaway” by Tracey Ullman and “Jealous” by Chromeo. She also keeps it real by admitting that it takes her “about an hour and a half” to get ready in the morning. Sure, it’s a long time, but looking that good takes effort. Watch the video, premiering exclusively here, above.
—Steff Yotka,

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