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9 Beauty Gurus to Follow on Snapchat

Instagram/ Dalalid

Instagram / Dalalid

There was a time when we were hooked to double tapping photos of food, nights out, travel, and of course, the selfies of our favorite beauty bloggers on Instagram. But recently, another social networking tool has been taking up our time: Snapchat. This app allows users to send pictures and videos that appear for no longer than ten seconds and automatically delete just seconds after the recipient opens them. In addition, the app has a “stories” section, where one can post a collection of pictures and videos (ten seconds or longer) with a selection of filters. The stories can be viewed for the next 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. The best part? Our favorite beauty bloggers from Instagram have joined the Snapchat club. Here are the top nine beauty gurus you need to follow:

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Fouz AlFahad
Instagram: @therealfouz

With her luscious, waist-grazing locks and doll-like features, Kuwaiti makeup artist Fouz AlFahad has become a bonafide social media sensation. And now that the doe-eyed beauty has joined Snapchat, followers get to see tidbits of her personality (she sings in the car), behind-the-scenes access to her photo shoots, and a cornucopia of enviable selfies that don’t make it to her Instagram profile.

Sondos AlQattan
Snapchat: snds_aq
Instagram: @sondos_aq

Sondos AlQattan is a Kuwaiti makeup artist who has perfected the skill of makeup application. An avid product tester, Alqattan’s Snapchat stories feature thorough reviews of her favorite makeup and skincare products.

Maya Ahmad
Snapchat: mayaahmd
Instagram: @makeupbymaya

Maya Ahmad is a makeup artist, blogger, and a self-proclaimed makeup addict from Lebanon. The Middle Eastern beauty’s Snapchat reveals a different side to Ahmad, one that her Instagram followers rarely get to see; less done-up, with glasses, and no makeup.

Nura Afia
Snapchat: nuralailalov
Instagram: @nuralailalov

Fans of smoky eyes and contouring will find themselves spending hours on this half-Lebanese, half-Moroccan beauty maven’s YouTube page. The fashionista also shares tips on how to tie a turban and style a hijab. Snapchat followers get to see her everyday routine (aside from makeup and fashion), which includes spending quality time with her daughter.

—Khaoula Ghanem

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