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Saudi Designers Nasiba Hafiz and Arwa Al Banawi Dress Barbie for Charity


Nasiba Hafiz and Arwa Al Banawi have joined creative forces to produce a unique trunk show currently taking place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Head to the Hafez Gallery to view Nasiba Hafiz’s new “Rock ‘N Biba” collection until 10pm (KSA time) tonight, and take the opportunity to also shop a selection of Barbies dolled up in made-to-measure outfits signed Hafiz and Al Banawi. For the occasion of the trunk show established by Nour Kelani Darwish, the Saudi designers dressed Barbie in handmade miniature versions of their ready-to-wear looks; all proceeds will go to the children’s orphanage charity, Aytam Altaif.

Each Barbie retails for AED/SAR 1,500.

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