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Sandra Mansour

If the embroidered, multi-colored “confetti” tumbling down the opening dress of Sandra Mansour’s Spring 2016 lookbook is anything to go by, the Beirut-based designer is in a celebratory mood. The collection has plenty of festive punch as featured on a long, A-line dress in metallic silver and reflective pedal pusher trousers and jacket. Rife with eveningwear looks, the layered chiffon skirts add an air of fairy godmother enchantment and serve as a nod to Mansour’s bridal line, particularly a white dress recently spotted on TV host Jessica Kahawaty at this weekend’s Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience gala.

Other looks within the collection include delicate floral embroideries; graphic, abstract prints; winding, ornamental flower vines on a scalloped hem sheath dress; feminine ruffle dresses with star-shaped eyelets; a black-and-white striped overlay with volumninous, slouchy sleeves; and a delicate, blue jean semi-sheer sleeveless overlay. Indeed, Sandra Mansour has established that she can design beautiful garments, but where she needs to focus is diluting her flood of creative ideas and streamlining her collection to build a story with fewer sequences.

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