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Introducing Rawan BinHussain, the Brooke Shields of Kuwait


rawanmbinhussain / Instagram

Social media influencers, move aside for Rawan BinHussain; the 19-year-old Kuwaiti-Jordanian law student is the latest rising Instagram star (almost 900K followers) on our radar. The brunette beauty struck a chord thanks to her refreshing, natural beauty and equally fresh feed (unstaged photos, minimal paid-for product promotions, and no over-edited snaps).

Scrolling through her Instagram pictures, you’ll find an array of selfies that showcase her luscious, chocolate lengths; thick arches; pouty lips; and enviable curves that have this law student crowned “the Kuwaiti Brooke Shields.” Below, five Instagram snaps illustrating how Rawan BinHussain’s natural beauty is refueling our Instagram feeds.

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