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Public School

It’s been an eventful month in Dubai: the international fashion crowd flew to the Middle Eastern hub for Fashion Forward , followed by the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience , and now, the international debut of the Public School Pre-Fall 2016 collection. Some credit should go to Cadillac, who chose Dubai to unveil its latest XT5 car in conjunction with Public School’s show; but the designers [also the new DKNY creative directors] brought a breath of fresh air to the UAE, which may weigh as a mighty player in the luxury consumer market, but still falters at times when trying to position itself as “cool.”

Seeing Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow interact with hip princesses and fashion lovers cemented that there’s a strong market here for their contemporary lines and sportswear-inspired layered silhouettes. Their team donned long white tunics that echo the silhouette of our kandoras. And on the runway, their long, lean, modest shapes, and the inspiration—a fusion between nature and technology with Japanese accents—was also very à propos for Dubai, which is positioned as a meeting point between East and West.

The whole collection showcased an ethnic flair, with kimono-style jackets paired with two-tone mesh, black tunics, and sleek outerwear. As a brand, Public School is making an effort to expand into accessories, and notably, the sneakers were also a highlight. It seems that this urban customer has found a new home, one that bridges her New York roots and Asian inclinations, here in Dubai.

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