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Escape Reality at the Prettiest Beaches From Around the World

Whether you are seeking solitude, are on the hunt for a killer tan, or are dreaming of an escape from the scorching desert heat (the temperatures aren’t letting down anytime soon), a seaside retreat makes for a relaxing getaway. However, when it comes to making travel plans and choosing your final destination, don’t settle for the first sandy location you come across.

Those who desire a digital detox can plot a seaside escape to Thailand’s Loh Sama Bay. Situated in an uninhabited island (with the exception of birds), the beach offers tranquil blue waters and natural serenity for a calm and therapeutic vacation.

Need a reason to book a trip to Brazil? Look no further than the jaw-dropping Lopes Mendes. Situated on an island surrounded by lush foliage, the scenic beach is only accessible by a boat ride (and a short hike).

If you fancy a staycation, lay your Missoni beach towel down on the sands of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai and enjoy its picturesque resorts, restaurants, parks, and volleyball courts.

Board a flight to Oman to discover Salalah’s hidden gem, Mughsayl Beach. The southern city is one of the two places in the Arabian Peninsula to experience monsoon season, which is also known as Khareef (it usually begins mid-June and ends mid-August), and where the arid landscape is completely transformed into a beautiful, lush green terrain lined with banana trees.

Above, the 11 prettiest beaches from around the world that will leave with you with a serious case of wanderlust.


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