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Dance With Manfred Thierry Mugler


The City of Light knows how to party. And what better opportunity to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in style, than with Mugler Follies, a new cabaret show in Paris imagined by former fashion designer, Thierry Mugler? Mugler, who now goes by his full name, Manfred Thierry Mugler, will see his show performed at Paris’ Théâtre Comédia until February 28th.

Manfred Thierry Mugler might have left his own label in the hands of the Clarins Group, who recently appointed David Koma as its Creative Director, though the showgirls’ costumes prove that he, indeed, still has a hand for designing.

Together, with the Théâtre Comédia, Mugler reinvented the typical Parisian cabaret revue, mingling various styles and genres, somewhere in between an acrobatic performance, a musical, and a fashion show. True to his signature aesthetic, his so-called ‘Muglerettes’—the showgirls who are animating the cabaret—are dressed in costumes that are reminiscent of the best of his designs. From vinyl ‘Bug’ silhouettes, and ‘Fetish’ aesthetics, to ‘Space Age’ style costumes, Mugler focused on his best-selling designs and applied them to a “the show must go on” type of extravaganza.

For New Year’s Eve, Mugler Follies will include a special dinner by Fouquet’s, followed by a DJ-set throughout the night. Tickets are available on the event’s website, which also features an interactive platform that gives a sneak peek into the revue’s backstage life.

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