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Upon entering the Moschino show, guests were greeted with a menagerie of construction signs, “Wrong Way” and “Street Closed” they read. Living in the Middle East, we maneuver through construction scenes on a daily basis, and if a sign says, “Dangerous Couture Ahead,” we’re most certain to press on. Now yellow, by all standards, is considered to be one of the most jarring, abrasive colors there is—along with orange, it’s the hue favored by on-site construction workers. Duly, neon yellow and orange were the reflective, high-gloss shades that designer Jeremy Scott chose to open his Moschino Spring 2016 ready-to-wear show with on Chanel-style suits. Meanwhile, upside down traffic cones were fashioned as purses and top hats. Anna Cleveland twirled down the runway in a fringe dress to mimic the rotating brushes of a carwash. Next, the chickens crossed the road in the form of over-the-top feather-puff dresses. Finally, bathing suits featuring cartoon Powerpuff Girls exited, and then, couture dresses featuring lit-up car wash insignia were featured for the finale—whoever will be hosting next year’s VMAs was certainly taking note. Backstage, Scott stated that he was always “fanatic about the iconic looks of cars of the 50s and 60s and the sophistication…” It was a show excessive on drôle puns, but lacking in the mysterious elegance of that time he so favored. But if you like your clothes to do the talking for you, “Stop,” and look no further than Moschino.

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