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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Weigh In on the “Full House” Spin-Off, and More of Today’s News


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You got it, dude…

On Monday night, John Stamos announced that Netflix will be creating a Full House spin-off called Fuller House. The question on everyone’s lips was whether the show’s most famous alums, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, would be making an appearance. “We just found out about it,” said Mary-Kate, adding, “I’m shocked I haven’t heard from John.” So will they take part in the spin-off? “I’m going to call [Bob Saget] and get his perspective,” Ashley explained. Here’s to hoping! [WWD]

Prada’s new home…

The Prada Foundation will finally be opening its own permanent art complex after years of having to hold exhibitions and other events at various locations. Get a first look at the Milan complex—which will comprise around 120,000 square feet of exhibition space and was created by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas—before its official opening on May 9. [The New York Times]

Drawings of Dior…

It is not often that the worlds of fashion and comic books collide, but they are now, thanks to French graphic novelist Annie Goetzinger. The artist has just released a comic book titled Girl in Dior, which tells the story of a fashion journalist who is tapped to model for the brand. Goetzinger said, “There were already a lot of books and movies on Chanel. Same with Saint Laurent. But at the time I started working on this book, there was really nothing on Christian Dior.” [The Cut]

The ethos of It Brit…

British luxury brand Burberry is riding high, having earned $3.5 billion in revenue in the last financial year. A key element in the house’s recent success is its patriotism, according to chief creative office and CEO Christopher Bailey. In a new article, Bailey explains how putting his U.K. pride front and center has helped Burberry on the international stage—plus he details the ins and outs of his recent show in Los Angeles. “Normally I’m sensitive. But I’m so proud about our music, our history, our architecture, and our creativity,” he began, adding, “I thought, Sod it, we should really celebrate this in L.A.” [The Telegraph]

The Goodman girls…

The Goodman sisters Wendy, Tonne, and Stacy are each extremely successful in their respective fields. Wendy is New York magazine’s design editor; Tonne is fashion director at Vogue; and Stacy is a senior consultant at Sotheby’s. W magazine interviewed the fascinating family to learn about their New York upbringing, individual careers, and admiration for one another. [W]

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