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Louis Vuitton to Show in Palm Springs, and More of Today’s News


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Vuitton heads for the desert…

Louis Vuitton announced it will be staging its Resort collection runway show in Palm Springs this year. The show will take place on May 6, following up last year’s Resort show in Monaco. Within the same week, Chanel and Dior will also be showing their Cruise collections in Seoul and Los Angeles, respectively. Hope your passport is ready… [WWD]

Mapplethorpe meets fast fashion…

Uniqlo, in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art, is selling a line of T-shirts featuring Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography. While Mapplethorpe was known for his risqué nude works, which sparked censorship debates in the 1980s, Uniqlo’s tees depict the tamer side of his work. [Elle]

Undercover with Supreme…

Don’t be surprised if this Thursday’s Supreme drop has longer lines than usual. The streetwear brand is collaborating with Undercover, giving fashion fans and Supreme obsessees alike cause to wait in line. The collection includes tees, shirts, and jackets with the phrase “Anarchy is the key” printed on the back. [Supreme]

Tom Ford objectifies everyone…

At a party to celebrate the launch of his newest fragrance, Noir Extreme, Tom Ford discussed powerful women, overtly sexual advertising, and parenthood. Ford admitted to being criticized for using nudity in ads, though he justified his choices by saying, “I’ve been criticized for objectifying women. But I’m an equal opportunity objectifier—I’m just as happy to objectify men.” [The Guardian]

Fit(bit) for a president…

President Obama was seen attending a basketball game sporting a Fitbit Surge smartwatch. The New York Times analyzed this choice of timepiece and concluded that despite the watch’s lack of aesthetic appeal, Obama is most likely attempting to “communicate his dedication to working out.” Just wait until he gets into athleisure… [The New York Times]

—Zoe Anastasiou,

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