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La Mer Facial, Pure Indulgence

As I board the Squisito houseboat for my La Mer facial, an otherworldly feeling of pure relaxation suddenly overwhelms me. As I take in the pure white and almost heavenly surroundings, my facialist, the aptly named Angel, greets me. My journey of indulgence began with the inhalation of The Mist, a dewy rose scented spray. After which my skin was cleansed, toned, and refreshed with The Tonic.

After closer examination of my now fresh skin, Angel began to delve deeper into my skin’s concerns in order to choose the most effective products. I expressed my exaggerated worries about my gaping pores and uneven skin only to be affronted with a beaming smile and the promise of flawless radiance thanks to The Concentrate, a potent serum rich in a concentrated version of the wondrous Miracle Broth; the essential ingredient in all La Mer products which as Angel put it “increases the skins energy and reinforces it giving it the strength it needs for cell rejuvenation and to fight the signs of aging.” In all honesty I wasn’t entirely convinced but her enthusiasm was encouraging and the refreshing fragrance of the serum certainly added to the sensory experience.

To address the humidity induced pore problem and the distinct lack of luminosity, The Radiant Serum was pressed into the surface of my skin. The concluding step and what was by far the highlight of the afternoon was the facial massage with The Moisturizing Soft Cream, the original Crème de la Mer’s revolutionary younger sibling. It contains exactly the same powerful ingredients but in a lighter, more easily absorbed formula; perfect for our humid climate. Angel used expert kneading and perfect sweeping effleurage movements “to ease pent up tension and boost micro-circulation for instant glow” as she so eloquently put it. As for the results, my skin was definitely refreshed and perceptibly rosier than normal.

So if luxurious relaxation is what you’re looking for rather than extreme dermal transformation, then this is definitely the treatment for you.

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