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Kate Moss Is Beautiful as Ever for “Vogue Italia”

Photo: Peter Lindbergh/Vogue Italia

Photo: Peter Lindbergh/Vogue Italia

At 40, Kate Moss is still extremely good at what she does. That is confirmed by a new feature in Vogue Italia, which shows unretouched black-and-white photos of Moss taken by the German photographer Peter Lindbergh. It’s not exactly surprising that the supermodel appears flawless despite the lack of photo-editing—after all, she’s Kate Moss. But at 40 years old (actually, 41 next week), with an extensive background in partying, she looks both stunning and stunningly unself-conscious. A behind-the-scenes video of Moss smoking, also shot by Lindbergh, accompanies the feature online—a throwback to Lindbergh’s 1992 Paris show, Smoking Women. The mysterious aura of Kate Moss, inspiration for holograms, golden statues, and Pop Art alike, lives on.

—Austen Rosenfeld,

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