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An Interview with Model Georgia May Jagger

When Thierry Mugler’s perfume, Alien, was introduced to the world in 1992, the brand chose Jerry Hall, an Amazonian beauty with flaxen hair (and wife of Rolling Stones’ singer, Mick Jagger, at the time), as its face. Now, the brand has a new Angel, Hall and Jagger’s daughter, 22-year-old Georgia May. We meet the British model in Paris during Fashion Week to discuss production of the video, her beauty routine, and ask, “What do British models have that others don’t?”

Tell us about the behind-the-scenes production of this recently released Mugler Angel video.
It was really exciting for me because for two days I got to wear a lot of archive Mugler dresses (20 in total). They are one-of-a-kind pieces that I had seen previously in Mugler shows and some of them my mom actually wore.

There was a very small treadmill on which I walked. It was a bit difficult to get into that headspace, because I couldn’t look down—I was worried I was going to go over the edge. I didn’t really know what to fully expect but it was really exciting when I saw the final result.

Your mother was an Angel, did she have any advice for you?
She didn’t have any specific advice for me but I obviously knew about her career with Thierry—I’d seen her shows and when I was a child, she had all the Angel perfumes around, and I’d seen the picture on the sand where it looks like it’s blue. I would probably say that I bring nothing to the campaign that my mother didn’t already bring, but mine is a fresh take on it [the perfume]. It really catches your attention and brings the elements of the angel and devil, and fire and ice, together.

Do you have a first memory of perfume?
It’s actually of Angel—when I smelled it, it reminded me of her [Hall]. She wore a lot of that and she would wear sandalwood.

What’s your beauty routine?
If I’m not working, I usually I keep it pretty simple. I’ll just wear a tinted moisturizer or a foundation and concealer during the day. Then, I like to use mascara and liquid eyeliner and either go for a nude or a red lip.

British models such as yourself, Cara, Jourdann, and Suki, appear to be more coveted and relatable than other models. What is it that you have that others don’t?
I suppose it’s a sense of humor. Some things we do are quite funny. It’s always good to have a sense of humor in fashion. All those girls know how to have fun; it’s not just about turning up to work and doing nothing, it’s about having a good time as well. I’ve also known them from since before modeling—I went to school with Suki, so I’ve known her from since we were ten. We’re all really lucky; it’s about being appreciative.

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