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Snap Success Story: How to Get More Snapchat Friends

Whether you consider it a blessing or a curse, like it or not, Snapchat is the reigning social media platform of the moment. The application gives the option of sharing a short video, picture, or selfie with followers via a story feed that lasts for 24 hours, or a self-deconstructing direct message. Since its arrival on the app store, Snapchat has become the go-to social sharing platform among celebrities, models, designers, and bloggers. Unlike Instagram, instead of aiming for a “double tap” or a “like,” Snapchat’s popularity currency is dependent on the number of views and screenshots. Whether you’re looking to get more Snapchat friends, you are an aspiring fashion influencer, or are simply trying to reach Snapchat stardom, we scoured the world of Snapchat and decoded the snapping habits of highly-followed, regional and international style influencers, and laid out their strategy to success for you to apply.

1. Create unique content to keep your viewers coming back for more. Bibi Alabdulmohsen keeps her followers tuned in to her popular daily social Q&A problem solving segment where she offers sarcastic, albeit vital advice.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting while engaging with your viewers like The Real Fouz.

3. Keep it carefree and lighthearted like Ascia AKF  with the occasional self-mocking post.

4. Bonus points if you take full advantage of all the fun filters.

5. Induce wanderlust envy by documenting your adventures and keep followers guessing on where you’re jetting off to next.

6. No style influencer’s Snapchat story is complete without an outfit of the day post.

7. When a selfie image/video won’t suffice, take it to the next level by hiring a team to capture your best angles.

8. Share all aspects of your life. Your followers want to know your every move.

9. Don’t’ forget to throw in an aerial view of your meal for good measure.

10. How do you know that you’ve successfully mastered the formula to winning at Snapchat? It’s when you make a guest appearance at an event and your fans start chanting your name in unison. Congratulations, you’ve made it.

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