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Don’t Skip this Eye Makeup Masterclass (It’s Only 6 Steps)

Without a doubt, our eyes are our most endearing facial feature. We can be solely identifiable by our eyes (by their shape, color, and pattern), and much like a fingerprint, no two pairs of eyes are the same. For example, have you heard of smizing? Yes, you can actually smile with your eyes. And have you noticed that when you are happy, your eyes sparkle? In short, our eyes are not just an object of beauty but can also display how we are feeling, and for this truth they are truly captivating to others.

In this makeup master class, we’ve prepared a step-by-step lesson on how to make the most out of our most unique asset. Get your notebooks ready—this is beauty time well spent.

—Elizabeth Whiston-Dew


Homepage image: urbandecay / Instagram

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