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HKD Introduces 3D-Printed Fine Jewelry Line

Jewelry brand HKD(pronounced hooked) continues to experiment with 3D printing, this time using solid materials such as gold and rhodium to create a new fine jewelry line. Collection Platinum features pin thin rings that draw inspiration from negative and positive space and body language; each piece took two to three weeks to be created. “The process involved 3D printing the form and later pouring in the gold, rose gold, and rhodium to finally create a hand-finished, refined piece,” Lebanese designer Farah Nasri told “My ultimate goal was to be able to provide something that feels very modern and fresh, yet fine and luxurious in its craftsmanship.”

The contemporary jewelry designer, who blends her background in architecture with technology, has taken a delicate route for her most premium collection to date. “This collection involves a design process that is very similar to my previous collections; using computer software to create virtual fluid forms and shapes,” she added. “I was looking to translate only an outline of the solid forms that we usually create at HKD. Working with lines rather than solids allowed for a more elegant fit, while maintaining HKD’s DNA.”
—Nouriah Al Shatti

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