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Help Harvey Nichols Riyadh Fight Breast Cancer


From now until the 16th of November, Harvey Nichols Riyadh is putting the focus on breast cancer by launching a campaign that invites clients to “think pink” and donate to the cause. Any pink-colored purchase will see 10% of its value donated on behalf of Harvey Nichols Riyadh to the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, while shoppers can also donate to the Association at checkout tills. Pink ribbons can be collected at checkouts along with educational flyers.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, there has been an increase in breast cancer in Saudi women where the cancer appears at a younger age as opposed to with Western women. This campaign aims to increase breast cancer education among women and invite them to self-scan in order to help establish an early diagnosis.

In 1990, after 16 years of research, human geneticist, Dr. Mary-Claire King, made one of the most important, more recent scientific revelations of our day by exposing that the gene, BRCA1, was responsible for many breast and ovarian cancers—thus revealing that breast cancer can be hereditary.

A group of Saudi women who dissipate free breast cancer information in schools, universities, mosques, and shopping malls founded the Zahra Breast Cancer Association in 2010. It is named after the late mother of one of the Association Founders, Dr. Suad Bin Amer, who passed away from the disease.

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