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Alter-Ego: Haifa Fahad Ramadan 2015 Capsule

Riyadh-born and based Haifa Fahad has made a signature of expressing women’s polar emotions via her clothes. Dynamic, feminine, rebellious, proud, flawed—Fahad’s woman may sound complicated on paper but when transcended through to her billowy abayas and kaftans, anyone in touch with their inner Venus will decipher a simplicity that is altogether contemporary.

To showcase her Ramadan 2015 collection “The Alter,” Fahad turned to Rozan Ahmed to art direct the above pictures, shot in Istanbul. The images bring to life the capsule’s exploration of the clashing and merging of alter egos, embodied in the effortless movements reminding of the late modern dancer Martha Graham. The abayas are crafted with light crepe and come in soft, pastel colors and feature “icy” embroidery. “This clash of fabrics and accents is her signature; it’s very emotional,” explained Rozan Ahmed. “Fahad expresses herself beautifully via clothing. Women are very complex, but we’re simple in our needs and our wants. For me, when I look at an abaya move, it is like a dance for me—it’s sensual. It speaks so much—when it’s not supposed to.”

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