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You Can Sit With Us: 5 Common Fashion Industry Stereotypes


Fashion week, celeb-studded parties, and fun events shared across social media make working in the fashion industry appear like one continuous, glamorous celebration. But not all that you see on the surface adds up to what goes on behind the scenes. At the end of the day, fashion is a business, built by passionate, hardworking, and talented individuals. More often than not, the myths and stereotypes associated with the industry are exaggerated or false. If you’re interested in working in fashion, or are simply curious to know the truth, read below for our roundup of five common fashion industry stereotypes.


The fashion industry is overflowing with high-profile figures, including celebrities, designers, and style icons. And building relationships and networking is an important aspect of the business, which means that there’s no room to act giddy around notable personalities. It requires you to stay grounded, professional, and focused at all times in order to get the work done.

2-five-fashion-industry-stereotypes-and-misconceptionsDRESSED TO THE NINES, ALL THE TIME

There’s a false impression that people who work in fashion are dressed from head to toe in designer clothes on a daily basis. We preach personal style in all its glorious forms, whether it is designer, vintage, or high street. Showing up to work in ripped jeans is common, and athleisure is a blessing in spandex that takes us from work to workout in a flash.

3-five-fashion-industry-stereotypes-and-misconceptionsCATTY, CONNIVING, AND COLD

The media often stereotypes people working in fashion as vicious and cruel (remember the story the media fabricated surrounding our managing editor’s video featuring Bella Hadid and Mariacarla Boscono?). At any work place, you will be faced with both icy individuals and those who offer support to help you excel and succeed. There is never an excuse for behaving like a diva, whether you work in fashion or not.

4-five-fashion-industry-stereotypes-and-misconceptionsIT’S A PIECE OF CAKE

Working in fashion is no walk in the park. It requires stamina and the ability to work under pressure in order to meet tight deadlines and keep up with a fast-paced and ever evolving environment. If you dream of working in the industry, you should expect long hours, sudden changes, and a lot of running around.

5-five-fashion-industry-stereotypes-and-misconceptionsIT’S ONE BIG PARTY

Although attending industry parties and events is a fun perk that comes with the job, it’s only a small fraction of what we do. Even when we are attending after-hour events, we are in fact still working and making connections—albeit in a glamorous setup. Hey, no one forced you to become a dentist!


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