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Shop the Luxury Smartphone Style That Complements Your Wardrobe

Accessories can make or break your outfit. While adding the finale finishing touches to complete your look—color, metallic finish, and occasion are factors that are taken into consideration when choosing the right accessories to elevate your outfit. Now, it’s time to consider your luxury smartphone’s look and feel, too.

It’s tough to remember a time when we weren’t glued to the glow of our smartphone screens. Since we cling to our devices ‘round the clock, consider taking the gadget up a notch in the style department. Enter Givori, the luxury brand that specializes in iPhone and Samsung luxury smartphone designs that are just as intricate as fine jewelry. Handcrafted in Italy, Givori crafts phones into mini masterpieces that are made from gold finishes, exotic skins, and set with precious stones. To compliment your personal style, we have rounded-up five fashion-forward phones for you to coordinate with your stylish outfits.

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