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A Fashion Week Guide: What to Wear, Where to Spot Kanye, and How to Make a Fake Call

As we enter the last week of fashion month, the team has decided to take a brief break from this crazy run and answer some recurring questions that our readers have been asking us.


Should I bring my baby to the shows?

Well, that’s a tricky question. Your baby will give you undeniable appeal if you are sitting front row and said offspring is dressed like a mini fashion creature. Like it or not, Alexander Wang’s niece Abe, Harper Beckham, and of course, North West now have more fashion cred than your run-of-the-mill show-goer. On the other hand, when North West threw a fit at Alexander Wang’s show, it was not pretty.


I have been invited to a show—it is the most beautiful day of my life! Should I run to the store and buy a total look?

Please don’t. As a client, you might be invited to a show, but going fully decked-out in one brand is certainly not a testament to your style. As a rule, mono brand looks are to be avoided. Don’t worry, Karl Lagerfeld won’t be mad. Just show style, not allegiance.



How can I make sure to get snapped by a street style photographer?

Wear quirky accessories, follow the trends, wear the coolest up-and-coming brands—like J.W. Anderson or Sacai—and put your own style spin on them. You can also come up with a unique signature style, like Catherine Baba or Susie Bubble. Be very nonchalant in an attention-commanding kind of way. Laugh very hard and pretend you are deep in a phone conversation (keep reading for more info on the fake calls).


Justin Bieber second row at Kanye West x Addidas

Is seating important?

Well, Anna Wintour sat second row last year at Valentino and Kanye West also sat second row at John Elliott’s first runway show, so that says a lot. But there’s no denying that the closer you get to the runway, the better. The PR seating charts are like fashion’s Darwinian system, in which front row people are the lions and the people standing in the back are young gazelles.


Why should I even go inside to see the show when all the fun is outside?

Good point. Did you know that a fashion show only lasts 10 to 20 minutes maximum? Some shows are real spectacles, like Chanel, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, or Alexander McQueen, but for the rest, you always have and the fashion hangouts during Fashion Week.

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