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Looking for Brighter Skin? Read our Elemis White Brightening Facial Review First

Mario Testino, courtesy of Vogue

Mario Testino, courtesy of Vogue

In an effort to reverse the sun damage (read: uneven skintone) my dermis incurred this summer, I decided to pay a visit to Cleopatra’s Spa in Dubai to try a rejuvenating skin treatment. Read the Elemis White Brightening Facial review here.


After a long summer of exposing my skin to the sun’s UV rays—by way of poolside tanning sessions and afternoon garden parties—I noticed that my complexion had become significantly duller. In addition, my dark spots (a reminder of past acne spells) had turned even darker, and my visage was noticeably uneven as a result of hyperpigmentation.

The Elemis White Brightening Facial aims to reset skin by gently cleansing and illuminating the complexion. The facial harnesses the power of biomimetic peptides with daisy, kiwi, sophora, and pea extract, and uses feather-light movements to wash out melanin. The treatment is one hour long and costs US $187; AED/SAR 685.


Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a petite therapist named Athira who ushered me through a candlelit hallway to a changing room. Here, I was provided with a long, purple robe and slippers.

Once changed, I was whisked away to a sanctum complete with subdued lighting and relaxing, oriental music for a mini consultation. I was offered green tea with honey and a plate of sliced, fresh fruits while Athira went over my skin issues.

Afterwards, we moved to a small chamber in order for the crepuscular to carry out the facial. After I hopped onto the heated bed, Athira made sure I was completely relaxed before diving straight into the treatment. She started by giving me a comforting foot massage using heated mitts.

Athira began the facial with a deep cleaning of my dermis before leaving a peel-off gel mask on my face for 15 minutes. Suitable for sensitive skin, the mask uses enzymes to promote cell turnover, diminish superficial scars, and brighten uneven skin tone. While my therapist was waiting for the mask to dry, she treated me to a soothing head massage that—combined with the darkness and tranquil music—almost lulled me to sleep.

The mask was peeled off and Athira massaged a moisturizing potion onto my skin, before applying a coat of SPF. A single bell chime signaled the end of the treatment.


“What do you think?” Athira enquired as she handed me a mirror. The difference was astounding. My face was glowing in spite of the darkness engulfing us, and the dark spots on my forehead had faded significantly.

When I applied my makeup the next day, my foundation glided across my skin and I received several, “You look different,” remarks from friends. The overall experience was easily one of the most relaxing I’ve ever had—and as a beauty writer, I’ve had a lot of them. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from uneven skin tone and discoloration—and in search of an instant skin boost.

Cleopatra’s Spa is located at the Pyramids at Wafi, Oud Metha District, Dubai.


Homepage image: Maciek Kobielski, Vogue

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