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A Designer Doll That Brings Joy to Both You and an Orphan

“Our latest collection begins with a girl named Gigi and a boy named Henry. They’re off to see the circus where they discover a tight rope-walking rabbit named Little Foot, a dare devil elephant named Rocky who explodes out of canons, and Talula, the high flying trapeze artist.”

Sahar Wahbeh’s Dumyé dolls have been weaving an enchanting story since the brand was founded out of her desire to give her daughter an iconic gift—her first doll. Dumyé’s magic is one that reaches further than that of her little girl’s bedroom—for every doll purchased, one is gifted to an orphan. Wahbeh’s universe of “karmic goodness” has now sent dolls to hundreds of orphans in the Middle East. Just this March, Dumyé hosted a doll-making class in Beirut for children who lost their families to war; Wahbeh explained to that she is now looking to expand the charitable program to India and Africa.

The designer dolls are made with 100% organic cotton, sustainable corn stuffer fiber, and are handmade in the UAE. Whether your little one decides to personalize her limited-edition doll with henna, a monogram heart, or add a few accessories like a terracotta purse and a crisp pair of bloomers, each doll will come with a “Purpose Pocket” containing a blank strip of cloth where you can pen a meaningful message.

View the new collection of Dumyé dolls in the gallery, available for purchase at the end of April.

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