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Michael Cinco Dresses Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has been making waves lately by showcasing a trim post-baby body on international red carpets while promoting her upcoming sci-fi movie, Jupiter Ascending. And while Kunis’ character, Jupiter Jones, may be the heir to an interplanetary dynasty, as it turns out, her wardrobe came straight from the drawing boards of couturier Michael Cinco’s design house in Dubai.

Upon having his work spotted by the film’s costume design team, Cinco submitted six designs to lead costume designer Kym Barrett, out of which three were shortlisted. A spectacular wedding dress made of tulle and adorned with red ceramic roses can be viewed in the trailer above. Speaking to, Cinco explained, “One of the reasons why I became a fashion designer is because of my undying love for classic Hollywood films with beautiful costumes. My all-time favorite movie is My Fair Lady and and it’s my ultimate dream to design and create the costumes of a remake of that movie.” When asked to describe the parallels between designing for the big screen and the stage, Cinco explained, “Designing movie costumes and designing a collection is almost the same. You have to visualize a design that will create a story or a character. When you design a collection, you create a fantasy and you need to tell a story for the people watching your show to understand your theme and ideas. When you design costumes for a movie, you need to create visuals from the movie’s story for the actress portraying a character.” Though this is Cinco’s debut commission for a big budget film, this is by no means the designer’s first foray into show business; Cinco has previously designed for the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

Jupiter Ascending, written and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski (of The Matrix trilogy), arrives in theaters this month.

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