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Dolce & Gabbana

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana might as well be on Italy’s tourism board. Their iconography always showcases the picture-perfect side of the Italia so dear to tourists all over the world. The picturesque set, with two tables, a ceramic store, and a vegetable stand, prepped the mood for an afternoon in their beloved Sicily; but in fact, the collection this season was a love letter to their country—the whole boot. From Pisa to Venice, dresses hit the runway like postcards from different regions; the official show hashtag was #ItaliaisLove and models reminded of today’s tourists and took selfies, which were uploaded instantaneously to Instagram.

The design duo has always been exceedingly proud of their origins and have never shied away from letting a flamboyant aesthetic shine—which is one of the reasons their brand is so successful in the Middle East. After all, our traditions are heavily linked to decorative dressing. And embellishments are what the designers do best; their storytelling starts with a black bra and high-waisted panties and what follows is layered with attention to storytelling, emotion, and ornamentation.

This time, the most striking novelties (aside from the house’s hits: cocktail and lace dresses and full skirt looks), were the striped cotton dresses in red and yellow that harked of the 60s when Italian cinema and fashion were at their peak; as well as a lace caftan with cartoon-like characters and “Portofino” embroidered on the front. The accessories were typically decorated, with wool pompons, ceramic-inspired heels, gilding, and all sorts of sound making objects. A sheer black dress with transparent low boots was a refreshing sight amidst the explosion of textures, sequins, and metals that made up this celebratory collection.

Throughout, Dean Martin’s voice serenaded the audience with his hit song “That’s Amore,” reminding us that fashion is—above all—about fun and emotion.

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