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Christian Dior

For this Christian Dior Spring 2016 ready-to-wear offering, artistic director Raf Simons managed to conjure that specific sliver in time when a young woman appropriates the steely determination needed to maneuver through the big, bad world while delicately maintaining the naiveté of youth.

Simons conveyed this by intermingling the feminine with the masculine. A scalloped, hemmed lingerie top and shorts; an apricot, blush pink, and aqua blue-striped, silk, organza dress; and an embroidered, dove gray, silk frock with white cotton overlay, spoke to the age of innocence. He interspersed these docile looks with a strict three-piece, dark navy, short wool suit; a pinstriped wool jacket with off-white leather top; and black pleated Bar jacket. The accessories also merit a mention—notably the nod to Victorian dressing in the form of sensual bijoux wraparound print chokers and metallic lamé purses.

With this precise offering, Simons had guests forget about the body-crushing pandemonium outside the show (understandable, considering Rihanna, current face of Dior, was the star guest); for we all seemed to leave the ephemeral wild garden with a renowned sense of calm, refreshed perspective, and skip in our step. The essence of Spring, come to think of it.

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