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Review: The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Collection


Courtesy of Chanel.

Just when I’d given up on liquid lipstick (and the dry, dehydrated lips that come with it), Chanel’s newest beauty offerings landed on my desk. Featuring eight, compact liquid lacquers (designed by the House’s global creative makeup and color designer, Lucia Pica) the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Fall 2016 collection will hit shelves this month. Expect the lipstick to cost you US $49; AED/SAR 180 a pop.

Unlike traditional matte lacquers, the hydrating formulas boast frosty, opaque finishes that won’t parch your lips. The highly pigmented liquid lipsticks come in various reinterpretations of the color red, including dusty roses and deep burgundies.

The one element the products share with your average liquid lipstick is their permanence. Before heading to the office, I swiped a chocolate maroon shade—Choquant—across my lips, and blotted it down into a soft, poppy stain. Two cups of coffee later, the budge-proof color looked as though it had been applied moments before. Surprisingly comfortable, the lip lacquer is a lightweight one, and I actually forgot that I was wearing it.

My only gripe about the new line up is the color palette. Being a brown, oxblood, and muted pink lipstick junkie, it only features two shades that I’d introduce to my lipstick wardrobe. (Amoureux and Expérimenté). Aside from this, the frosted glass tubes are my favorite fall launch (so far) this year.


Courtesy of Chanel.


Homepage image: Courtesy of Chanel

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