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Exclusive Preview: How the Starch Designers are Drawing Up Blueprint Beirut


This coming London Fashion Week, the Arab British Centre in partnership with Starch Foundation, presents “Blueprint Beirut,” as part of the British Fashion Council’s International Fashion Showcase 2016. Eight designers from the Starch Foundation, Bashar Assaf, Timi Hayek, Joe Arida, Margherita Abi-Hanna, Mira Hayek, Nour Najem, Rayya Morcos, and Sevag Dilsizian will present a one-off piece representing a personal interpretation of the Lebanese capital. The exhibition, scheduled from February 19th—23rd will be showcased in an ephemeral space designed by architect Elie Metnie, who is also behind the design of the 2015-2016 Starch boutique.

Discover a sneak peek of each designer’s exhibition piece in the gallery that follows and be inspired to delve deeper into the layered and intricate story of one of Lebanon’s most paradoxical cities.

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