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Jeddah Art Week: Arwa Al Banawi X Zaina Al Hizami Capsule

Serving to further identify Saudi Arabia as a leading platform for art in the region, Jeddah Art Week 2016 starts today and will run until February 14th. For the occasion, Saudi designer Arwa Al Banawi has collaborated with Kuwaiti artist Zaina Al Hizami on a capsule collection called Ego that will launch today at the third edition of “21,39” Jeddah Arts.

Known for her signature statement blazers and suits that feature bold prints, the designer’s work makes for a fitting match with that of the Kuwaiti artist whose is recognized for her psychedelic, abstract paintings. For this capsule, Al Banawi selected one of Al Hizami’s works and focused on a part of the portrait to produce the capsule, which the designer described to as a continuation to her Spring 2016 offering titled Id. Speaking on how the collaboration took shape, Al Banawi explained, “I chose to collaborate with an artist that is as bold in her colors as my designs [sic] and also her ability to play with someone’s mind when you look at her paintings; there is always an unfinished story and that’s what fascinated me about her art—it’s mysterious and intriguing.”

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