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Adele’s “Hello” Single Gets a Fairuz Mash-Up

It’s only been two weeks since Adele released her long-awaited song, Hello, from her upcoming album, 25, and the single has already broken records and become an Internet sensation (we all saw the Lionel and Adele mash-up). Now, Noel Kharman, a Palestinian up-and-coming talent, has reworked the British singer’s single with Fairuz’s Kifak Inta.

It’s not easy to sing an Adele song, let alone mash it up with Fairuz, but this girl nails the rendition. Check out the video above (be prepared for goosebumps at 2:06). and revisit some of the iconic Lebanese singer’s classics, like Sa’alouni Al Nas, Nassam Alayna Al Hawa , and Habaytak Bisayf.

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