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8 Styling Tips on How to Wear Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are comfortable, flattering, and versatile, making them one of our favorite items to wear daily. An excellent transition piece that shields your limbs from harsh sunrays and biting air conditioning chill, this wardrobe staple can be styled in countless ways. From the flowy maxi that gives you a princess feel (and twirl) to the sleek and modest black jersey and bohemian pleated silk skirt, make the best of your maxi skirt without looking shapeless.

Look 1: The Gypsy-Luxe Look

To create this look, start with a color palette that symbolizes passion—such as black and red—and add gold accents to finish the look.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-giambattista-valli-printed-silk-georgette-maxi-skirt Giambattista Valli
Printed silk-georgette maxi skirt
US $3,142; AED/SAR 11,541
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-balenciaga-metal-cuff Balenciaga
Metal cuff
US $585; AED/SAR 2,149
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-herve-leger-pamela-off-the-shoulder-bandage-top Hervé Léger
Pamela off-the-shoulder bandage top
US $770; AED/SAR 2,828
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-nancy-gonzalez-double-flap-clutch-bag-gold-mirror Nancy Gonzalez
Small double-flap clutch bag, gold mirror
US $1,550; AED/SAR 5,693
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-gianvito-rossi-carey-pumps Gianvito Rossi
“Carey” pumps
US $823; AED/SAR 3,023

Look 2: A Whimsical Silhouette

Maxi skirts can be dressed up or down at will, making them one of the most versatile pieces in our closet. Here, we’ve taken an evening maxi skirt and given it a whimsical cocktail silhouette by accessorizing it with flirty flat shoes and a tote in pastel colors. The clashing stripes on the top and the skirt add vibrancy to the look.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-roksanda-osier-skirt Roksanda
Osier skirt
US $3,971; AED/SAR 14,585
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-victoria-beckham-striped-cotton-poplin-top Victoria Beckham
Striped cotton-poplin top
US $890; AED/SAR 3,269
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-roger-vivier-decollete-belle-vivier-patent-leather-pumps Roger Vivier
Décolleté Belle Vivier patent leather pumps
US $505; AED/SAR 1,855
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-elie-saab-niloticus-medium-bag Elie Saab
Niloticus medium bag
US $8,391; AED/SAR 30,637
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-suzanne-kalan-vitrine-bracelet Suzanne Kalan
Vitrine bracelet
US $7,896; AED/SAR 29,003

Look 3: That ‘70s Vibe

Maxi skirts are very convenient for ladies who want to stay modest in their dressing without losing their femininity. This look is equally stylish, modest, and trendy with a ‘70s vibe that’s all the rage right now.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-lanvin-pleated-maxi-skirt Lanvin
Pleated maxi skirt
US $1,210; AED/SAR 4,444
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-proenza-schouler-cotton-chambray-top Proenza Schouler
Cotton-chambray top
US $590; AED/SAR 2,167
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-roberto-cavalli-platform-sandals Roberto Cavalli
Platform sandals
US $812; AED/SAR 2,983
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-ray-ban-aviator-classic-sunglasses Ray-Ban
RB3025 Aviator classic sunglasses
US $131; AED/SAR 480

Look 4: Skirt and Sneakers

Front-buttoned maxi skirts are a must-have for the trendy lot. For this silhouette, we’ve played with shades of pink. This sneakers and skirt combo will let you go about your day in comfort and will attract plenty of attention.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-emilio-pucci-high-waist-suede-maxi-skirt Emilio Pucci
High-waist suede maxi skirt
US $2,393; AED/SAR 8,815
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-red-valentino-crew-neck-sweater Red Valentino
Crew neck sweater
US $391; AED/SAR 1,436
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-new-balance-colorblock-sneakers New Balance
Colorblock sneakers
US $118; AED/SAR 435
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-daniela-villegas-pink-gold-and-alexandrite-necklace Daniela Villegas
18kt pink gold and alexandrite necklace
US $2,127; AED/SAR 7,813
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-charlotte-olympia-canyon-panoramic-pandora-clutch Charlotte Olympia
Canyon Panoramic Pandora clutch
US $751; AED/SAR 2,759

Look 5: A Regal Allure

The regal allure of a full maxi skirt will make you feel (and look) like a princess. Be careful not to choose a top that’s too heavy or boxy, as the result will make you look heavier.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-valentino-embroidered-tulle-skirt Valentino
Embroidered tulle skirt
US $7,850; AED/SAR 28,834
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-rag-and-bone-cove-silk-camisole Rag & Bone
Cove silk camisole
US $295; AED/SAR 1,084
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-paul-andrew-slingback-heels Paul Andrew
Slingback Heels
US $556; AED/SAR 2,030
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-noor-fares-diamond-quartz-and-gold-aurea-necklace Noor Fares
Diamond, quartz, and gold Aurea necklace
US $8,374; AED/SAR 30,755
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-rochas-gold-mini-chain-bag-with-fringe-embroidery Rochas
Gold mini chain bag with fringe embroidery
US $1,493; AED/SAR 5,484

Look 6: Ethnic Chic

Printed maxi skirts can help achieve an ethnic-chic look like no other piece of clothing, especially when paired with bangles. The rule stays the same: the fuller the skirt, the tighter the top should be. If you are not keen on bandeau tops, opt for a more covered-up approach.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-peter-pilotto-freya-printed-matelasse-maxi-skirt Peter Pilotto
Freya printed matelassé maxi skirt
US $1,930; AED/SAR 7,089
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-calvin-klein-collection-stretch-knit-bandeau-top Calvin Klein Collection
Stretch-knit bandeau top
US $195; AED/SAR 716
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-aquazzura-the-queen-sandals Aquazzura
“The Queen 105” sandals
US $1,355; AED/SAR 4,977
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-vaubel-multi-hinge-bangle Vaubel
Multi-hinge bangle
US $4,825; AED/SAR 17,723
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-corto-moltedo-susan-shock-lapis-lazuli-and-python-clutch Corto Moltedo
Susan Shock lapis lazuli and python clutch
US $2,989; AED/SAR 10,979

Look 7: Jersey Girl

The classic jersey maxi skirt is as common as the black T-shirt in our wardrobe. No rules for this one—you can pair it with anything. Whether you’d like to show off your curves like Kim Kardashian or take a more modest approach by wearing a man’s shirt over your skirt is entirely up to you.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-t-bags-layered-stretch-jersey-skirt T-Bags
Layered stretch-jersey skirt
US $74; AED/SAR 272
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-dolce-and-gabbana-polka-dot-silk-top Dolce & Gabbana
Polka-dot silk top
US $612; AED/SAR 2,248
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-aquazzura-christy-patent-leather-point-toe-flats Aquazzura
Christy patent-leather point-toe flats
US $675; AED/SAR 2,479
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-razan-alazzouni-starburst-earrings Razan Alazzouni
Starburst earrings
US $608; AED/SAR 2,230
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-tabitha-simmons-perforated-leather-zip-top-clutch Tabitha Simmons
Perforated leather zip-top clutch
US $252; AED/SAR 926

Look 8: Figure Flattering

The A-line of your maxi skirt makes for an interesting start to building a silhouette, and is also an ideal way to gain some height and create the illusion of a very slender silhouette as the heels are hidden by the full skirt. The high waist also works in your favor.

8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-dice-kayek-high-waist-pleated-skirt Dice Kayek
High waist pleated skirt
US $846; AED/SAR 3,107
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-3.1-phillip-lim-cropped-perforated-tank-top 3.1 Phillip Lim
Cropped perforated tank top
US $375; AED/SAR 1,377
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-gianvito-rossi-emina-mules Gianvito Rossi
“Emina” mules
US $517; AED/SAR 1,899
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-lana-flawless-crossover-diamond-hoop-earrings Lana
Flawless Vol. 2 crossover diamond hoop earrings
US $7,220; AED/SAR 26,520
8-styling-tips-outfit-ideas-how-to-wear-maxi-skirts-marni-mini-trunk-python-flower-crossbody-bag Marni
Mini trunk python-flower crossbody bag
US $2,190; AED/SAR 8,044

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