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Stella McCartney Just Wants to Have Fun

There’s a sculpture garden on Elizabeth Street that New Yorkers pass every day, nearly an acre in size yet relatively sleepy compared with the bustling streets of its surrounding neighborhood. The doors are usually locked, but not last night. Stella McCartney brought the space to life with her annual garden party. In addition to models wearing her new Resort collection, there were statue performers, a live band, and a food truck dispensing root beer floats, lavender margaritas, and Veuve Clicquot.

A range of McCartney’s high-profile pals attended— Maggie Gyllenhaal,Amber Heard, Lorne Michaels, and Peter Beard included. “Stella just has the best taste,” Liv Tyler said. “The good thing about these parties is that she lets me bring home some of the decor. I go home with piñatas, balloons, whatever…my son, Milo, loves it.”

Models were scattered throughout the garden, some on a giant chessboard, others dancing and blowing bubbles. It was all in the spirit of McCartney’s new collection. “Fashion is supposed to be about having a good time,” the designer told “So often fashion constrains women and makes them feel like rubbish. For me, the Stella woman is about celebration, feeling alive and free and colorful. I want the girls to have fun, the boys to have fun—in fact, I want to have fun. Don’t you?”

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