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The Arabian Antidote: 5 Beauty Products Infused with Frankincense Oil

Walk into any villa or shopping mall in Oman and you’ll find yourself engulfed in the aroma of comforting, woody frankincense. The dried, aromatic resin is a sap extracted in its purest form from Boswellia sacra trees found in Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The all-natural ingredient is burned as incense, used as a soothing fragrance, or steam-distilled to produce an essential oil that boasts numerous healing benefits. Frankincense oil, which has been revered across the Middle East for 5,000 years, soothes dry skin, reverses the signs of aging, strengthens hair, promotes cell turnover, and prevents breakouts.

Now, a number of beauty companies are infusing the organic ingredient in beauty products. Dr. Jackson’s Skin Cream 02 Night is an overnight treatment that sources frankincense oil for its moisturizing benefits. Meanwhile, Aromatherapy Associates’ De-Stress Body Wash uses the therapeutic powers of the essential oil to help release tension while simultaneously softening skin. Those looking to reduce anxiety can run a hot bath and drop the aromatic Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb into the steamy water. The effervescent bath fizz contains bergamot and frankincense oils to alleviate stress and depression.

Discover five soothing beauty products that harness the power of frankincense oil in the gallery above.

Homepage image:Photographed by Henry Clarke, Vogue, 1967

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