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5 Post Workout Tips to Stop Acne Breakouts


If you’ve been using sweat-induced breakouts as a reason to avoid the gym, it’s time to find a new excuse. shares these tips to help you make the most of your post-workout glow and stop spots in their tracks.

1. Wipe sweat away with a clean towel as you’re working out. Exercise boosts circulation and gives you a radiant glow but it also opens up your pores which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Change your sweat towel frequently if you perspire a lot and avoid touching your face.

2. Make sure you work out with a clean face. Avoid using makeup and heavy skincare products like sunscreen, which can easily clog your pores when mixed with salty sweat. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look your best at the gym; no one is looking anyway.

3. If you’re the type to touch your face subconsciously, wipe down equipment before you use it—hand weights and bell bars may not be sanitary.

4. Shower immediately after your workout. Cleansing your skin straight after any rigorous activity will stop the sweat from mixing with dead skin cells and oil which will prevent pore blockages and breakouts. If you suffer from acneprone skin, use a gel cleanser that contains salicylic acid which exfoliates the skin, keeping pores clear of cellular debris.

5. If you do get the odd spot after your exercise session, try making a DIY mask out of eight aspirin tablets, a little mineral water, and some aloe vera gel. Crush the aspirin and mix with the water and aloe vera gel to make a creamy paste. Spread it evenly over your face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with luke warm water and follow with a light toner and oil free moisturizer. Do not try this mask if you are allergic to aspirin.


Homepage image: Photographed by David Sims, Vogue, September 2010

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