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A First Look at the Luxurious New Kuwait Perfumes That Will Have Your Summer Scent Sorted

 Odict Eau de Parfum. Photo Djinane AlSuwayeh, Triangle Creative

Odict Eau de Parfum. Photo Djinane AlSuwayeh, Triangle Creative

A new line of covetable niche perfumes is soon coming to Kuwait. Set to arrive this summer, the collection is the brainchild of founders Omar Al Houli and Abdullah Al Dossari. Al Houli, of Kuwaiti descent, along with co-founder and longtime friend Al Dossari (Saudi and Kuwaiti), drew inspiration from the significance of perfume in the Middle East. Oud, frankincense, saffron, and amber are carefully blended with contemporary notes that include bergamot, orange blossom, and grapefruit to create traditional fragrances with a modern twist. In the words of Al Houli and Al Dossari, “Odict continues the conversation for the wearer through a scent that lingers and leaves an impression of floating in place.”

Mixed with essential oils sourced from Geneva, the fragrance line is composed of six scents. “Mystic Drop” is a fruity combination of blackberry and the earthy notes of cedar wood; while “Full Moon” is a juicy potion of pink grapefruit and blackcurrant intensified with hints of vanilla and praline. “Dusk” pays homage to oud and features the scent of dry fruits smoked with agarwood. Meanwhile, “Cloud Nine” is a warm blend of tangerine and honey; and “Reverie” makes for a bouquet of spicy florals including jasmine and geranium concentrated with cardamom, saffron, and sandalwood. Finally, “Rose Noir” will envelope you in a feminine mist of rose and orchid that is given warmth by a hint of smooth vanilla.

The co-founders reached out to Kuwaiti art director and award-winning photographer Djinane AlSuwayeh to spearhead the Odict identity. AlSuwayeh discussed the branding with, saying, “The creative process was visualized by a balance of my European culture and Middle Eastern ancestral history of pearl diving.” She continued, “This led to choosing the abalone pearl shell as a starting point, which is characterized for its iridescent colors that align with the spiritual nature of air—the emblem of Odict.” Enclosed in a transparent, rectangular bottle branded with Odict’s geometric logo, the elegant perfumes evoke a crisp, minimal aesthetic. Click through the slides below for a first look at the new line of perfumes.

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