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Discover the New Amber Perfumes for Fall

“A successful perfume is one in which the formula is as beautiful as the fragrance,” remarked Dior’s perfumer, François Demachy. One such ingredient that fits his description is amber. The fossilized resin has been revered for centuries following its early discovery on the Baltic coasts (10 200 BC). Egyptians buried their dead with amber for use in the afterlife; Ancient Greeks used it for healing; and Neolithic cultures referred to it as “Northern gold.”

Award-winning perfume critic Dr. Luca Turin reflected on the history of the golden resin to, “In the late 18th century, amber oil was obtained by heating actual amber (as in necklaces) and distilling the oil,” he explained. “It smelled great, but it was a bit expensive. The term ‘amber’ was later reused to denote a mixture of vanillin and rockrose resin,” he concluded. Today, amber is used to manufacture both statement jewelry and sweet, woody perfumes. A resinous blend of labdanum, benzoin, and vanilla (another base note), amber—which is derived from the Arabic word, anbar—evokes feelings of warmth and comfort, making it an on-trend fragrance for fall.

Once perceived as overbearing, amber-based fragrances are now layered with more feminine notes (like rose) for a lighter finish. However, unlike the fruity, floral scents reserved for summer, amber perfumes are powerful—and will leave a lasting impression long after you’ve stepped out. Amber fragrances are often showcased in rich, golden bottles to reflect the resin’s natural hue—a shade dubbed one of the ten trending colors for fall by Pantone.

For a touch of luxury, reach for Chopard’s new Amber Malaki fragrance. Inspired by the brand’s watch bracelet, the scent comes in a golden glass bottle stamped with a seal. A little more avant-garde, Burberry’s My Burberry Black, nods to the darker side of the House’s signature trench. For those considering a road trip through the Dubai desert, Music de Parfum’s Sol will wear well on any escapade.

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