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Michael Cinco Fashion Forward

Michael Cinco has been a go-to for Russian and Filipino brides, Hollywood stars, and local princesses on the quest for anything dramatic, voluminous, and lacy. Although last season his foray into a more relaxed silhouette was underwhelming, this season he returned to his extravagant propositions. It was—as expected—intricate and sparkly, and his fervent fans only wanted more.

For this offering, the inspiration came from Gothic churches and their mesmerizing stained glass windows (Paris’ Sainte Chapelle’s, in particular). The entirely embroidered first look in a red gradation was a sight for sore eyes, especially if you’re keen on oversized ‘50s full skirts. The drama, however, dropped down a few notches with his black silk cocktail dresses that made for a slight monastic reference. Cinco is not expected to do black cocktail dresses—he’s made for opulence even if a maximalist hand can sometimes take him to gaudy places. In that vein, nothing could beat the deep cleavage black crystal beaded numbers, which featured both his showmanship and gift for embellishment. There’s no business like show business.

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