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Zayan the Label

Zayan the Label’s Zayan Ghandour has never suppressed her love of feminine whimsy. Ghandour loves pink, tulle, and playful design elements, and the consistent signature that she produces with all the reliability of a seasoned professional has built her a loyal following in the region.

For Fall 2016, the 10th collection since the brand’s inception, the – DDFC Fashion Prize finalist launched a collection that represented a light-handed interpretation of the Alaskan landscape. Now, Alaska offers a sizable ground for creative analysis, but Ghandour knows her market well, and so she made clothes that are approachable and accessible. The collection featured a primary color palette—red, blue, ivory and black—which (considering the theme) could have been more sophisticated. There were a few whimsical pieces: the flower embroidered black dress with balloon sleeves; the pearl trim sweatshirt; and the ‘50s blue jean dress with midi skirt and bird embroidery. On the topic of birds, the fitted dress with peacock skirt and swallow on the breast came across as an overexertion of the theme. Instead, the highlight was the cashmere coat with rounded edges and wide furry accent embellishing its back—it imbued a feeling of comfort and coziness that any pretty bird will flock to.

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